Something outstanding about Dragon War to attract players?

In a short way to describe the game, Dragon War, from the Gameplay aspect, is the combination of the best mechanisms another best turn-based strategy of all time. In the Turn-based Gaming category, there are so many games out there being created almost every day, but most of them lack quality in terms of gaming experience. With Dragon War, we are trying to create the best combination of:

  • Dragon War is the Best turn-based Strategy game running on the fastest blockchain Solana.

  • Great 2D Graphics and Animations

  • Turn-Based Strategy is a Hot niche in the NFT Blockchain market.

  • Balance in earning mechanisms

  • The game team has more than 10 years of experience in game development.

  • Inspiring stories. We have Heroes from different races, commanding their Dragons army into battles with Demon using Ability/Skill Card in PvE mode or with other teams in PvP mode. To make sure people playing the game can earn value while enjoying and having a great gaming experience with it.

As it's a Strategy game, we are designing the game in a manner that it would be easy to play but super difficult to master. Countless strategic decisions will decide how well you perform in the game. Besides PvE Campaign mode and PvP mode, we also have the following modes that will be developed in later phases:

  • Tournament

  • Boss Raid

  • Guild War

How to participate in the game?

Just 1 Hero and 1 Dragon can be started already. But in order to guarantee the best experience, maximize your strategy, it's best to have a team with 5 dragons with 5 different Classes.

How about inflation of tokens how do you prepare for this?

Our game designer team with 15 years of experience in designing Strategy games and their economy is working extremely on this to make sure we have a balanced economy. Details would be revealed in Whitepaper. One method of our inflation-preventer is the fusion function, instead of the breeding function. User can fusion 2 dragons to get the stronger and more rarity one. The previous 2 will be burned. That is to guarantee less inflation for Dragon War's NFTs.

The Tournament mode in Dragon War that will happen in the future will be a competition. What kind?

Firstly we will update the 1vs1 PvP mode, and we also make the PvP RTA and huge rewards for each Season. On large scale, we will have Guild War mode where players need to team up as a Guild to take over the World Map to be the winner of that session.

Dragon War will be released on which platform?

  • Now on PC, the user can log in the game using Phantom wallet (using Solana Network).

  • In the later version, we will deploy the game on the Mobile platform

What is the initial cost to join the game?

A min cost should be around 30-50$ at the IDO price. We are also experiencing a free-to-play mode.

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