Enter the Free-to-play Version

In order for Heroes to quickly learn about Dragon War's Free-to-Play version, the Dragon War Team will comprehensively walk them through it.

I. Dragon War Introduction

Dragon War Game is a world-class turn-based strategy game that brings everyone the gorgeous legendary Heroes and vigorous dragons to enter every eternal battle and mode game in a Massive Online Dragon Battlefield. Stunning 2D Graphics and animations give you an eye-catching and exciting in-game experience that is alive and mostly to be immersed in the world of dragon battles.

Set foot in the world revolving around dragon fighting and property building, the game is designed in the free-to-play version mode which allows millions of gaming enthusiasts fun and profit with no initial investment.

Perks of the free-to-play version:

  • No game fees

  • Get a free combo 7 of Heroes, dragons, and skills at the beginning

  • Free to play, free to earn unlimited

  • Experience all the interesting Game Modes and Features

II. Getting Started

With the Free to Play version, Dragon War supports you to experience the "Play as guest" mode and the “Log-in” mode to experience the version.

1. Play as guest mode:

This is a game mode that players can freely experience all game modes and features without having to log in. Everything is straightforward, click "Play as guest" and you can play Dragon War Free-to-play Version.

This is a game mode that players can freely experience all game modes and features without having to log in. Everything is straightforward, click "Play as guest" and you can play Dragon War Free-to-play Version.

Note: Your data or tokens will be reset if you close the Dragon War tab running or use another browser.

Each User who first experiences the "Play as guest" game mode will get free Heroes, dragons, and skills to have a great experience with this version.

After playing in the guest mode, you can create an account by clicking "Create account" in settings or signing up in “Log-in” mode.

2. Log-in mode: This is a game mode where players will sign up for an account before experiencing all that happens inside Dragon War with the Free-to-play version.

Step 1: Create an account. To enter the game, you can click on the login button if you have already created an account, or “sign up now” for a new account.

Let’s fill in the corresponding information for each item and you have a new account for the F2P instance.

After signing up, you will receive a combo of 7 including 1 Heroes, 5 dragons, and 1 random skill to give you enough equipment to enter the new world of Dragon War.

Step 2: Verify email. Remember to verify your email after creating an account and receiving all 7 items. This step is extremely important to ensure that your data will be recorded as an existing account on our system.

Step 3: Play with game modes and features. After completing the account steps, you can experience the different versions of the game modes at Dragon War.

  • Online Gift

Every gift you receive in Online Gift is an item to help you experience the game and earn more in Dragon War, which includes Gold, wood, iron, stamina, Dragon Stone, ERA Chest, and Dragon Part Chest.

  • Campaign Map (PVE)

Step 1: Click Play Now or enter the link.

Step 2: Enter the Campaign Map. Every hero has 50 stamina in one day. As you win, you lose 5 stamina. As you lose, they take away 1 stamina. The stamina regains +1 after 30 minutes and +50 on the next day. At present, Heroes don’t have the ability to buy or trade their stamina.

Tips to optimize stamina.

Go to Campaign Mode to start your first journey with Dragon War. Heroes go to Void Land, then select the first map.

Step 3: Prepare your Dragons and align them in the right position.

Step 4: Now you have the ability to combat the enemies. You can activate the x2 button to end the battle quickly or just simply click Skip.

Step 5: As you win, all reward you receive is EXP (experience points), star ranks, and an amount of $DRAW.

The number of stars depends on the life of the Dragon on the field. EXP will be used for upgrading your Hero’s skill and ability.

  • Arena (PVP)

Step 1: Go to the main page of Dragon War and click Arena. Note that when Hero reaches level 3, they can access the Arena.

Step 2: Once you enter the arena, this screen will appear. Every day, each user has 10 tickets. One battle cost 1 ticket. If you run out of your tickets, please wait until tomorrow for more. Go to the green button with 2 crossed swords for fighting.

Step 3: Prepare and align your dragon's team to fight. On the right screen, you are able to know the opponent’s dragons. Choose Fight on the right corner.

Step 4: Once you win, the opponent’s rank will be yours. Rewards in this battle are EXP, rank, and $DRAW (obtained through mail on the next day). Based on your rank, you will receive this amount of $DRAW below:

Step 5: Go to the Battle Log to see your fighting record.

There is more you need to know. While you’re away or not joining any battle, you need to align your Defense Team cause the other opponents can reach out to compete with you. Bring on the Best Defense Team in order not to lose your rank.

  • Building

You can experience building constructions to get resources with “Resource Building” or to increase the strength and ability of dragon warriors in “Elemental Building”. Each game mode in Building is related to the others. Resources building helps you get more materials to upgrade dragons every day in element building.

Step 1: Build up constructions and collect resources (Resource building). Click on each building to proceed with the upgrade. The tip for you is to upgrade the Warehouse - the central building to expand your other constructions.

Step 2: Buff Dragon Power (Element Building).

First, you need to do is unlock the buildings. Each building will need 35 $ERA to be able to use the Building.

Then, let’s upgrade your building. The building will be designed according to 5 elements like dragons including Fire - Wood - Water - Thunder - Earth. The system will automatically select the dragon with the system corresponding to the building. Upgrading will cost you the resources you earn and also ERA, but Element Building during the upgrade process will produce a corresponding amount of ERA.

Note: All tokens you earn in all game modes will not be claimed or deposited to the wallet. To earn that token, you will need to connect to your wallet and buy a membership package to convert.


About Membership Package:

Membership is the best item in the F2P version that brings users the best experiences when joining Dragon War, these following utilities will be available when you activate this package:

  • Get one more optional rare dragon NFT

  • Convert (Hero, Dragons, and Skill) in possession into NFT Buy & trade NFTs on Marketplace or trading platforms

  • Freely earn unlimited tokens

  • Active Deposit/Claim token features

  • Active the Dragon Modification features (Fusion - Release - Combine - Upgrade - Dismantle)

Price: 0.34 SOL ~ 6180 $DRAW (Prices will be set by the market)

1. How to buy the membership package:

Step 1: Navigate to the marketplace page.

Your first step is to get onto Dragon War Marketplace.

Step 2: Log in and connect your wallet.

Log in to your account then click select wallet to connect the wallet. Dragon War connects with Phantom and Solflare.

Note: Each account is only allowed to link 1 wallet address, so make sure you connect your wallet correctly.

Step 3: Click on the Membership button to activate your Membership item with 6180 $DRAW ~ 0.341 SOL.

Note: With the mobile version, linking the wallet and purchasing items on the Dragon War Marketplace must be done on the web.

2. How to mint NFT: You can fully mint the items you own after activating the Membership package.

Step 1: Click on the wallet icon on the right corner of the screen, then go to the inventory section to mint items into NFT.

Step 2: Mint your items (Dragons, Skills,...) by clicking "mint".

Note: Mining NFT will last in minutes and cost a gas fee for this process is linked to the blockchain to make sure your NFT is valuable.


On Dragon War's latest Mainnet, Arena (PVP) and Campaign Map (PVE) and Building is the main mode. In the near future, there will be more fascinating modes to let users experience as Farming,...

1. Campaign Mode: The Campaign mode is the first PVE mode in the Dragon War. With this game mode, Users can get a tutorial, defeat the Enemies through the game story and get various rewards, including the game’s Token, Hero’s exp,…

2. Arena Mode: The PVP round-based game where teams focus on winning a quick engagement. At the beginning of each round, players will spend picking up dragons to form a perfect team to fight. Winning the round is simple to Eliminate the enemy team.

3. Building: Players will grant land to build the construction served for collecting resources, tokens, or strengthening their Dragons. Resource Building: You can harvest resources including gold, iron, and wood when the minimum value is reached. Element Building: You will build and upgrade buildings that will increase the stats of Dragons with the complementary system.


1. Fusion: A great feature that helps players add more troops to the dragon squad is FUSION, where players will combine 6 different body parts to "cast" into 1 Dragon corresponding dragon species.

2. Combine: This feature is similar to "Breeding" in other traditional games when it allows you to breed and combine many different dragons to form a new Dragon with a higher level.

3. Upgrade: As the name of this feature suggests, players will be able to upgrade an existing dragon with a more advanced body part if the quantity and conditions required by the game are met.

4. Release: If in the squad there are unnecessary, redundant, or pre-existing dragons, the player can completely release that dragon to collect body parts and Dragon Stone, which organizes them for a new strategy.

5. Dismantle: In the process of creating quality dragon warriors, players can dismantle the Body Part to obtain the Dragon Stone, which better suits their strategy and goals.

6. Staking: DRAW staking will "lock up" a portion of your DRAW token for a period of time as a way of contributing to the DRAW blockchain network. In exchange, users who staked DRAW in the pool can earn DRAW tokens gradually as a reward for the amount of their stake.

Link: https://staking.dragonwar.io/

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