Tokenomics of Dragon War somehow would be similar to the same turn-based Game category and we should learn from the best.

In this tokenomic, we have 2 tokens, one is the main token DRAW can be used to

  • Play to earn and Events reward

  • Purchase Items, Chest on Dragon War Official Shop

  • Trading NFTs on the Marketplace

  • Dragon Modification's Fee

  • Land Management (TBU)

The ERA - 2nd token which you can use to

  • Buy other NFTs in-game such as Skill cards, Heroes equipment items, consumable items...

  • Play to earn and Events reward

  • Dragon Modification's Fee

  • Purchase Items in Later phases

  • Building Feature

Strength of Dragon War's Tokenomic

In Dragon War, the amount of NFTs is huge. We have not only tens of thousands of Dragon variances, Ability/Skill Cards… but also Heroes, Equipment Items, Consumable Items…

In addition to that, with our tokenomic model, the tokens will have a lot of different use cases that can be used, or burned. That would be an important factor to balance and decide how sustainable a tokenomic is.

Running on Solana is another strong support for our tokenomic: For other games running on BSC or Ethereum, the gas fees are huge so a lot % of reward you need to spend for the gas fees to play the game. In Sol, the gas fee is a thousand times less than BSC, which is almost equal to 0. That would definitely make the cost for our tokenomic much lower than the others which would also make our tokenomic more sustainable.

Token Allocation Chart

Game Token Flow

Note: Some features are still not released yet, and will be updated later in the next game versions.

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