Dragon War's Lore

A long time ago, when that was the beginning of time, Geva, the Goddess of Creation, created the first human beings in this tedious and primitive world. She shaped the world by building up spectacular mountains, dredging oceans, blowing out the sky, and bringing life to all things. That land, called Eragard, was inhabited by many different races and creatures, they all had to struggle to survive in the harsh elements of a waking world.

In that world where many races competed for their domination, there were four dominant races: Human, Elf, Dark Elf, and Orc. Each of these races established its own territory to develop in accordance with their own ideals of life and beliefs. However, it is often the calm before the storm. Hell, packed with chaotic magic connected to the myriad worlds of the universe, was home to numerous demonic entities who sought only to destroy life and devour the energies of the living universe. They were greedy enemies watching peaceful life in Eragard with a craving for possession. By her almost endless strength, Geva conquered the invasions of the demonic army and sent them to hell, but she could not guarantee if this was the end as evils and their corruption might strike at any time.

Once again looking at her creations, the tiny world she had created was at peace, she finally felt satisfied with that and was ready to leave Eragard. Before leaving, however, she entrusted the world's greatest species, the Dragons, to the task of protecting Eragard to stop all forces that might threaten this perfect peace. The rulers of that majestic race of dragons later became known as the Great Aspects.

Another thousand years passed, because of the different ideas, the four races were pushed into endless wars. Differences have created contradictions, and contradictions lead to conflicts, wars, hatred... It seemed that the cycle would never end. The Great Aspects, frustrated with serving the greedy and aggressive, fell into a long slumber that lasted for thousands of years.

In the 3rd Era of Eragard, after a great war lasting for more than 3 months, the Dark Elf led by Magna and his army was defeated by Kyla, the Great Queen.

In the midst of extreme despair, Magna uncontrollably decided to do forbidden magic to summon spirits in the hope of saving the situation. However, this magic accidentally led to disaster for the entire Eragard world.

When Magna's forbidden magic was summoned, the stability of space began to break, inadvertently awakening the hunger of the Demon Lord Morgoth, Lord of Destruction, who had been imprisoned in hell for thousands of years as his defeat in the war amongst the gods in the First Age of Edda.

...As soon as this forbidden magic was used, Morgoth smelled his food: life. He tore through the rift of space to open the gate connecting Eragard and hell.

The Legion consisted of millions of screeching demons, all gathered from all corners of hell, hungered for invasion. Wherever the legion of Demon Lord went through, every stronghold and village was tragically annihilated.

In the face of that citizen's survival being threatened by the forces of Morgoth, the Great Aspect sensed that the space created by their master was slowly becoming unstable. Therefore, the Dragon Aspects finally awakened from their deep slumber by Geva. With their support, the four proud races put their millennia feud aside to unite into the Alliance of Eragard with the last hope to fight against the Morgoth’s forces and the belief to regain peace for Eragard.

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