Open Test



Dear Heroes, the moment you’ve been waiting for has finally come. Dragon War is excited to announce that Open Test is officially launched to all kinds of Heroes.

Our team has been working hard for months on delivering the first version of Dragon War. What we have for you is a decentralized application, an NFT Game, which offers a unique tokenomic framework that transforms your playing time into a revenue stream.

What could you do

In the OpenTest version, our primary aim is to start testing the stability of the game economics. The design of game economics in NFT games is the most critical aspect that will determine the long-term success of a game. Testing and balancing are key in this endeavor and this can only be done with a large number of players. Your attempts would support us a lot in gaming development, ensuring to deliver the most enticing experience to players worldwide. You are the vital decisive factor in Dragon War gameplay.

What’s News

  1. Fixed all bugs from Testnet Version

  2. Updated UI, VFXs, SFXs,... for increasing game experience.

  3. Marketplace Updated

  4. And more interesting Features will be avaiable in Mainnet, please stay tuned!


  • Participants: no limit

  • Each Test account can be played only in 7 Days, from the FIRST day of account creation day.

Important Notes

  • Features, Contents used in OpenTest are limited and are not meant to reflect the whole gaming experience playing Dragon War. A lot more contents such as Game Mode, Dragons, Skill, Map Level… will be added up on the Mainnet version and later phases of Development. We will continue to listen to your feedback and make necessary changes to improve the game before the Mainnet launch.

  • Everything in the Bug Hunter and Campaign Challenging version will be only in OpenTest. That means all assets such as heroes, dragons, skills and tokens are not transferable to the Mainnet version.

  • Airdrop time will be calculated from the FIRST day of account creation day, for each account.

  • The DRAW token check-in Mainnet Wallet will be checked at Verify Account step. So be sure you have DRAW in your Mainnet Wallet (Phantom/ Solflare) to involve the OpenTest. In case you don't have, please follow these steps


Step 1: You must have SOL in your Devnet Wallet as the gas fee for every transaction in SOL Network. Please visit, input your Solana account address and claim free SOL in DEVNET.

Step 2: Sign up for an Account and claim your test $DRAW at this AIRDROP link:

Each wallet will receive a certain amount of airdrop:

  • Day 1: 1,000 Token for create new account

  • Day 2: 2,000 Token

  • Day 4: 1,000 Token

  • Day 6: 3,000 Token

The total amount from 6 days will be: 7,000 Token for test

Step 3: Go to marketplace to buy Heroes, Dragons, Skills to form up your team using your claimed $DRAW from Step 2 For more details, go through the tutorial videos and the terminologies in our public documentation

Step 4: Start playing Dragon War at

Step 5: Hunt for Bugs and log it at

We welcome everyone to join our Discord for discussions. For supports and inquiries, please go to our #support-testnet channel for submission.


Visit for more details.

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