How to download APK on Mobile

The gameplay feature on the phone for both Android and iOS operating systems has been completed. Thus, our mission is to spoil and guild you about it little by little from the way you download to play


Download APK on Android
Download APK on iOS
Step 1: Download Testflight on Appstore: (If your mobile phone runs on Android operating system, you can skip this step)
Download TestFlight
Step 2: Access DW Website: You can visit Dragon War's website at
Access Dragon War Website
Step 3: Download APK: Dragon War supports downloading APKs on both iOS and Android operating systems. Then, click on the icon with the appropriate operating system to download the APK version.
For iOS devices, you will have to approve Dragon War APK download on Testflight. After allowing, the APK for the iOS version will be downloaded. For easier, click the link to download: ▶ Apple: ▶ Android:
Download on TestFlight
With the Android version, you just need to click download, then click launch the downloaded file to get the Dragon War APK on your phone.
Download Dragon War APK on Android Device
Step 4: Install the Dragon War App: Proceed to install on Testflight (for iOS) and Android devices.
Install the app on IOS devices
Install the app on Android devices
Step 5: Run the app and log in: After completing the installation of the app, you will see the icon of Dragon War appear on the screen. Click on the icon to launch the app. Now, log in and enjoy your game time!
Log in the game