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Campaign - Story Mode

The Campaign mode is the first PVE mode in the Dragon War. With this game mode, Users can get a tutorial, defeat the Enemies through the game story and get various rewards, including the game's Token, Hero's exp,...
The Void - First Chapter map of Dragon War - Included 10 Minimap for PVE Challenge
There are 10 or more minimaps (the symbol like a checkpoint) in each Chapter map. And in each minimap, there are 10 stages, normally including 9 normal stages and 1 Boss stage at the end. So users have to train up and make the team stronger enough to pass stages one by one.
The Minimap Interface
After Clearing the Campaign mode, Users can get rewards such as Hero exp, Game token,... for each victory they have. The higher stage they clear, the greater reward they can earn.
The Result Screen after User defeat and get all the Stage's Star Requirements