Membership Pack

Easy way to get Membership on Dragon War Marketplace
Membership Package

About Membership Package:

Membership is the best item in the F2P version that brings users the best experiences when joining Dragon War, these following utilities will be available when you activate this package:
  • Get one more optional rare dragon NFT.
  • Convert (Hero, Dragons, and Skill) in possession into NFT.
  • Buy & trade NFTs on Marketplace or trading platforms.
  • Freely earn unlimited tokens.
  • Active Deposit/Claim token feature.
  • Active the Dragon Modification features (Fusion - Release - Combine - Upgrade - Dismantle).
Price: 0.471 SOL ~ (Prices will be set by the market)


Step 1: Navigate to the marketplace page.

Your first step is to get onto Dragon War Marketplace at
Dragon War Marketplace

Step 2: Log in and connect your wallet.

Log in to your account then click select wallet to connect the wallet. Dragon War connects with Phantom and Solflare.
Connect wallet
  • Note: Each account is only allowed to link 1 wallet address, so make sure you connect your wallet correctly.

Step 3: Click on the Membership button to activate your Membership item with 6180 $DRAW ~ 0.341 SOL.

Note: With the mobile version, linking the wallet and purchasing items on the Dragon War Marketplace must be done on the web.


You can fully mint the items you own after activating the Membership package.

Step 1: Click on the wallet icon on the right corner of the screen, then go to the inventory section to mint items into NFT.

Dragon War Marketplace

Step 2: Mint your items (Dragons, Skills,...) by clicking "mint".

Mint NFT
Note: Mining NFT will last in minutes and cost a gas fee for this process is linked to the blockchain to make sure your NFT is valuable.