Arena - PvP (Coming Soon in Q2)

What is Arena Mode in Dragon War?

Arena Mode is a 5v5 round-based game where teams focus on winning a quick engagement. At the beginning of each round, players will spend picking up dragons to form a perfect troop to fight. Winning the round is simple: Eliminate the enemy team.

What do we have in Arena Mode?

  • Arena: A place where heroes can look up the battle rewards, arena instruction, and opponents' levels to choose the worthy enemy based on their levels and team's power. In this mode, you can see the Top 50 highest levels in the meantime.

  • Battle logs: When you access Battle Log, all the information on the victory or failure will be presented. They also display the battle video in case you want to see it again.

  • Team Alignment: Heroes can choose one of two options below when you're in the Arena Mode: + Attack team: You need to buff and prepare the appropriate dragons for the battle. + Defense team: You will pick up the strongest one to stand in the frontline and which dragons should stand in the back, supported by healing or power buffing for the frontlines.

Before every battle, heroes need to align dragons to make a perfect troop when entering the Arena so that you will have more chances to win against the enemy.

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