DRAW staking will "lock up" a portion of your DRAW token for a period of time as a way of contributing to the DRAW blockchain network. In exchange, users who staked DRAW in the pool can earn DRAW tokens gradually as a reward for the amount of their stake.
The basic UI of the DRAW Staking feature (Available on Web)
The system will take the amount token from their Balance as much as they want to input to use as the investment. And they can earn gradually the amount as interest from the token they deposited in the past, which can be claim interest or withdraw the deposit anytime they want.
Connect your DRAW Wallet
Users must "Active Account" for the first time in their Staking process, and no need to do it again at later times.
Input the amount of DRAW as you want
Approve and the Staking process
How to Claim your Stake reward and Withdraw you deposit