Steps to get Started

The simple instruction and simple knowledge for Users to get involve with Dragon War

Simple steps to join & earn income with Dragon War

Step 1: To play Dragon War, you must have a Wallet working on SOLANA Network, we suggest using Solflare or Phantom Wallet now for the only support from us. If you don't know how to create a Wallet, please check these links for more information: - How to create Solflare Wallet - How to create Phantom Wallet

Step 2: Prepare DRAW token in your wallet You can swap, buy, or send/receive tokens from many sources.

Step 3: Connect your Phantom Wallet to the Marketplace Go to the Game Marketplace to connect your Wallet with your account

Step 4: Buying Heroes, Dragons The details of Buying Hero, Dragon can be clearly via this video below

4.1 Why should I buy Heroes? You will need at least 1 Hero to Lead your Dragon team to involve in the battle. The Hero is the first necessary NFT for your account. They will give a lot of benefit for your Dragons in battle.

Read more about Hero here

4.2 How to buy NFT Heroes? Heroes can be bought in 2 ways: (1): On DRAW Shop: User can buy Heroes directly on the Game Webshop, there are a random of specialty for each Hero can buy from that way. (2): On Marketplace: Choose your preferred Heroes, with stat and specialty as wanted.

4.3 Why should I buy Dragons? You will need at least 1 Dragon to join in-game activities. Firstly, you can use your Dragons team with your formation to defeat the enemy in the Campaign - Our First PVE function, etc.

Read more about Dragon here

Step 5: Join the game - Adventure with the Campaign mode

The Campaign mode is our first PVE function in our game. Users can get various rewards: Token, Hero's Exp, Skill,... when defeating enemies in this mode. All things that users need is preparing the Dragon team, combine with the support from Hero to experience them.

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