Enter the Mainnet
The Dragon War Team will guide Heroes in details about Dragon War’s Mainnet version, especially the Arena Mode. Let’s go!

I. Dragon War Introduction

Dragon War is the Turn-Based Strategy Game based on Blockchain technology. In this game, you can Buy Heroes, Summon Dragon to form a team to battle with an NPC in PVE Function or another player in PVP Functions. You can earn token rewards from various activities in-game, and with the Marketplace, users can trade their NFTs with another user to get the token benefit.

II. Getting Started

1. Create Wallet - Connect Wallet and Account:

Step 1: Access Dragon War Marketplace https://marketplace.dragonwar.io/connect-wallet Step 2: Dragon War connects with Phantom and Solflare
Step 3: Put in the password of your wallet system to approve the connection between Dragon War with the wallet system.
Step 4: As you connect successfully, you need to sign up for the account.
Step 5: After filling out all the essential information (account, password, email), the Dragon War Team sends you a verifying email to confirm your identity. Be sure to check the mail at your mailbox

2. How to buy Hero, Dragon, Chest on Marketplace

Step 1: Go to https://marketplace.dragonwar.io/shop to recruit 1 Hero with 1440 DRAW and you will be rewared 1 Dragon whose rarity is Common to Rare. Heroes are a must-have NFT from the beginning as they will lead dragon troops to fight. Each of hero’s role will have their own advantages:
  • Human: Bonus steadily Defense, Attack, Health
  • Elf: Bonus Dragon Defense
  • Dark Elf: Bonus Dragon Attack
  • Orc: Bonus Dragon Health
Step 2: Go to Shop to pick your section to purchase other things. Remember to prepare enough DRAW to purchase anything you want
We recommend Heroes to purchase the Genesis Chest, which holds 5 dragons with at least 1 Rare Dragon. With this Chest, your troops are imperishable and substantial.
Step 3: All your Dragons, Heroes, Chests will be available in the Inventory.

3. How to join the game

Campaign Mode (PvE)

Step 1: Click Play Now or enter https://play.dragonwar.io/
Step 2: Every hero has 50 stamina in one day. As you win, you lose -5 stamina. As you lose, they take away -1 stamina. The stamina regains +1 after 30 minutes and +50 on the next day. At present, Heroes don’t have the ability to buy or trade stamina.
Go to Campaign Mode to start your first journey with Dragon War. Heroes go to Void Land, then select the first map and choose 1-1.
Step 4: Now you have the ability to fight against the enemies. You can activate the x2 (or x4) button to end the battle quickly or just simply click Skip.
Step 5: As you win, the reward is EXP (experience point), star opening the Chest and DRAW.
In one battle, stars play a role as collectible for unlocking the random chest. Based on Dragon War’s algorithm, it will reward randomly between Dragons, Skills or DRAW. The number of stars depends on the life of the Dragon on the field.
EXP will be used for upgrading your Hero’s skill and the ability of troops.

Arena Mode (PVP)

Step 1: Go to the main page of Dragon War and click Arena. Note that when Hero reaches level 3, they can access the Arena.
Step 2: Once you enter the arena, this screen will appear. Everyday, each user has 10 tickets. One battle cost 1 ticket. If you run out your tickets, please wait until tomorrow for more. Go to the green button with 2 crossed swords for fighting.
Step 3: Like PVE, you have to prepare and align your dragon’s troops to fight. On the right screen you are able to know the opponent’s dragons. Choose Fight on the right corner.
Step 4: Choose x2 or simply just enjoy the fight. Once you win, the opponent’s rank will be yours. Rewards in this battle are EXP, rank, and DRAW (obtained through mail on the next day). Based on your rank, you will receive these amount of DRAW below:
4- 10
11- 100
101 - 500
501 - 1000
Step 5: Go to the Battle Log to see your fighting record.
There are more you need to know. While you’re away or not joining any battle, you need to align your Defense Team cause the other opponents can reach to compete with you. Bring on the best Defense Team in order not to lose your rank.

IV. Features

  • Dragon Combine: This feature is similar to “Breeding” in other traditional games when it allows you to breed and combine many different dragons to form a new Dragon with a higher level.
  • Dragon Fusion: A great feature that helps players add more troops to the dragon squad is FUSION, where players will combine 6 different body parts to “cast” into 1 Dragon corresponding dragon species.
  • Dragon Dismantle: In the process of creating quality dragon warriors, players can dismantle the Body Part to obtain the Dragon Stone, which better suits their strategy and goals.
  • Dragon Release: If in the squad there are unnecessary, redundant, or pre-existing dragons, the player can completely release that dragon to collect body parts and Dragon Stone, which organize them for new strategy.
  • Building: Players will grant land to build the construction served for collecting resources, tokens or strengthening their Dragons.
  • Farming token: restart with old battles to strengthen your power and increase EXP for heroes
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